So basically this ND was...

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Virus66 posted...
Dunno why anyone expected otherwise. Their official postings about the event said it was just a look at already announced Wii U and 3DS games.

Well I think they wouldnt announce anything new so blatantly on their webpage .. but I was hoping for a nice surprise. I wasted my time.
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Steven010702 posted...
I didn't watch it; does anyone want to give me a brief summary of what they talked about?

You didnt miss anything. Just be glad you didnt waste half an hour ... pikmin 3, new ninja gaiden dlc, and a crazy game where you throw people at other people ... nice ... good job Nintendo
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And... ignore.

SAL... grow up.
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P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
And... ignore.

SAL... grow up.

U didnt even answer the question .. besides the sarcasm I did.
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GuitarGuruu16 posted...
Hey look at these games you already knew about, they are still unconfirmed when they will release though! Lolololol.

Fire Emblem's coming out on February 4th isn't it?
What's to say really?
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It was very easy to predict that this would happen. The only thing that's difficult to understand is why people self-hype for these events and then get disappointed when Nintendo (or Sony, or Microsoft, because this is a unviersal thing) fail to match the imaginary standards people set.