3DS vs Gamepad

#1lt519Posted 12/5/2012 10:37:10 AM
How many of you have all but abandoned your 3DS for in-home use? I haven't played it at home since getting the Wii U despite a few unfinished games. My 3DS usage previously was almost all at home (i.e. sadly I'm older and slightly embarrassed to play Sticker Star in public) and never really took it out except for long car/plane trips.

I'm with Nintendo on this one, I remember reading somewhere when they said the majority of "mobile" gaming is actually done just sitting on the couch/bed/toilet. The Wii U became a perfect fit instantly for me because of this, I got a much more powerful "handheld" system than the 3DS which I can roam around the house with. And then of course I can use it as a console as needed. Gaming wise it is also a step up from my iPad due to actually being a controller. I do need to get another game though that can be played solely on the gamepad (already have NSMBU), any suggestions?