As of today, how many U games do you have?

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3 years ago#41


I redbox'd a couple of the games tho
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3 years ago#42
GM_ posted...
Quote:megax11 posted...

Now you're just throwing out random numbers, there's not that many worthy games out for the system yet, how the heck did you end up with 14?


If his post is legit then perhaps he actually likes those 14 games?

Then I really want to know what those 14 games are. Let's be realistically, there's really just 10 decent to good games out right now for the Wii U (still a very high number especially considering these are launch games). REALLY curious as to what this person bought.
3 years ago#43
2 retail, 1 digital.

Nintendo Land

Little Inferno
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3 years ago#44
3- Nintendoland, SMBU, NG3
3 years ago#45

New Super Mario Bros U
Zombi U
Tekken Tag 2
Trine 2
3 years ago#46
Mario - Digital
Darksiders II - Digital
Black OPs 2 - Gamefly
Twins sticks shooter - eShop (can't remember the name)

Considering Zombie U and Batman. Really wish Batman was digital. Now that i can play from bed when the system is in the living room, i want every game to be part of my WiiU digital jukebox.
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3 years ago#47
If Trine 2 counts, then 3, including NintendoLand and NSMBU. Don't plan on getting anymore games that are currently out until they drop in price, or I can find them on sale. I may go check the pawn shop later this week, see if anyone's pawned off ZombiU or something. Local pawn shop usually has good prices, even for newer games.
3 years ago#48
2 retail games. New Super Mario Bros U and Black Ops 2. I dont buy digital games.

Next game I'm anticipating is Pikmin 3...come on Q2 2013!
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3 years ago#49
5 boxed

Nintendo Land
Sonic Racing
Tekken Tag 2
3 years ago#50
8 retail, 1 digital:

Arkham City
Darksiders 2
Epic Mickey 2
Mass Effect 3
Ninja Gaiden 3
Sonic&Sega All Stars

Nano Assault Neo
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