A little disappointed in the Nintendo Direct, but there were a few highlights

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" Also, this version of Google Maps has potential, especially if you are going to travel somewhere new."


I'm trying to find anything praiseworthy about the Wii U part of it. Sad that was one of the only points I could muster.

Lol, and people were getting hyped for Smash Bros etc! Same old Nintendo, let down and mini game compilations.

Only a let down if you're stupid enough to think big announcements like a new Smash Bros. were going to happen. Same old deluded fans, high expectations, no common sense.

Or fans expecting/ wanting Nintendo to put out something fans want to play

Who thought they were going to announce something like Smash Bros already? Hell, took nintendo long enough to show some new Pikmin 3 gameplay. Really thought they were going to show something that they only started to work on in like March?
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