Nintendo won't help me. What should I do?

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linkums posted...
Lies. We understand there's this problem about the console and gamepad not being sold separately. What are you trying to add to the discussion by making posts like this?

From what I gather, this problem is extremely widespread.

I'm not sure what you mean though, I think it's a travesty that Nintendo isn't doing more for its customers that can't hold on to their own property. I feel like I'm being punished for something that is obviously Nintendo's fault. If only Nintendo had publicly stated something to the effect of not being able to get a replacement. Maybe then I would have kept my [insert product description here] more secure. I'm just trying to make sure everyone else is aware of this huge, enormous problem so that they don't wind up in the same position.
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1shadetail1 posted...
This is obviously a satire of this topic, folks:

Try not to fall for it.

Nothing wrong with satire.
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Just buy a normal Wii, the tablet upgrades the firmware and turns it into a Wii U.
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They are selling replacements.
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1shadetail1 posted...
This is obviously a satire of this topic, folks:

I saw the number of replies, and only prayed there would be a comment like this quick. I won't even scroll down now, to save the (faux-insignificant, tee hee!) embarrassment of anyone who bit.

Good call. ;) Is this where you push me off the monkey bars? Or call me a name... can't remember.
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U lost your wiiu? Kill yo' self
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MK_Kitana posted...
U lost your wiiu? Kill yo' self

Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
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Shadowbird_RH posted...
Go help yourself.

I was expecting the unexpected, and yet that still somehow caught me off guard. GG :V
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Waggy17 is troll also dumb not taking care wii u.
Waggy17 100% a troll
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Ada-Wong-Fan no good reading sarcasam