Who is your Smash Bros Main?

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4 years ago#101
SSB: Luigi, Link, Pikachu
SSBM: Luigi, Link, Young Link, Pichu, Roy
SSBB: Luigi, Link, Pikachu
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4 years ago#102
b1gt0ne posted...

I am this way too. I like to put my characters on random. Choosing "mains" is dumb because you never learn everyone's style.
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4 years ago#103
and project M=lucas
4 years ago#104
ssb - cpt. falcon
M - gannon or jigglypuff
B - Wario, Lucus, or diddy
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4 years ago#105
melee sheik, pikachu
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4 years ago#106

And then Sonic in Project M.
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4 years ago#107
Samus all the way
4 years ago#108
64: Captain Falcon
Melee: Shiek
Brawl: Ike, Toon Link, Zelda
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4 years ago#109
Fox until brawl then Metaknight
4 years ago#110
64 and Melee - Yoshi
Brawl - Wario & Sonic (just about equally)
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