Who is your Smash Bros Main?

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User Info: DDMrulz

4 years ago#111
For 1v1s: Wolf
For FFAs: Game & Watch
Favorite character to have fun with: Zelda (Din's Fire spam ftw)

User Info: Spid3rkid

4 years ago#112
I didn't really have a main in 64, but Sheik was it for me in the other games.
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User Info: TacoWhales

4 years ago#113
SSB: Ness
SSBM:Pichu, Peach, Ness
SSBB: Ness, Peach, Lucas
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#114
64: Luigi
Melee: Fox (without even knowing about tiers or who's best and whatnot)
Brawl: Wolf --> Secondaries were Solid Snake and Captain Falcon
Read the mania: http://www.fanfiction.net/~nonexistinghero
In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

User Info: RahzarX

4 years ago#115
Link, Marth, C Falcon or Fox

It's pretty much all I ever see.

I will kill all of you with my main.

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User Info: Xevnest24

4 years ago#116
Smash 64: Link. His sword attacks and projectile game made him a favorite of mine, however his absolutely terrible recovery made him difficult to become proficient with.

Melee: I fluctuated alot with favorites with this one. First, it was Link, like the first game. He was even better, with better ground and air speed, a greatly improved recovery, and much better comboing ability. Then it was Roy. He was a cool looking dude with a flame sword. I got good with him, but my brother always beat me with Marth. Then, in Melee's twilight years, I became decent with Luigi. I really liked his goofy animations, excellent aerial abilities and simple combos. I think to this day my favorite would have to still be Link.

Brawl: At first I was drawn to Meta Knight's brokeness, then I re-discovered Luigi. I played with him until I unlocked Toon Link, who I discovered was just better than the majorly nerfed Brawl version of Link. He was my main until Wolf got unlocked, who is my main to this day.

User Info: Arrei

4 years ago#117
Smash: Pikachu
Melee: Pikachu, Roy
Brawl: Pikachu, Ike, Wolf

User Info: makedounia

4 years ago#118
Captain Falcon and DK

User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#119
Link and Samus have always been the two I play most with.
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User Info: Esrac

4 years ago#120
I didn't really main anyone, but I guess there are a few characters I tend to play more than others.

SSB64: Link and Pikachu.
SSBM: Link, Mewtwo, Fox, Marth, and Ness.
SSBB : Marth, Lucario, Ike, Link, and Pokemon Tamer.

I suck at the game, so I never cared much about the tiers. I just went with the characters I thought were more fun to play.
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