Who is your Smash Bros Main?

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4 years ago#121
SSB64 and SSBB: Pikachu.
SSBM: Mewtwo.
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4 years ago#122
SSB: Pikachu
SSBM: Mewtwo
SSBB: Lucario
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4 years ago#123
SSB: Samus & Link
SSBM: Mewtwo, Samus, & Zelda/Sheik
SSBB: Samus & Zelda/Sheik
SSBB mod: Mewtwo & Skull Kid
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4 years ago#124
SSB: Link
SSBM: Link
SSBB: Link
SC2: Link
All future SSB games and any games with Link in it: Link
4 years ago#125
SSB : Ness
SSBM : Peach
SSBB : Peach
4 years ago#126
SSB: Link
SSBM: Fox (also Link and Capt Falcon)
SSBB: Olimar
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4 years ago#127
SSB: Mario
SSBM: Mario, Link, Roy
SSBB: Mario, Link, Ike, Wario
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4 years ago#128
Megagunstarman posted...
SSB: Ness
SSBM: Peach
SSBB: Zelda
SSB4: Megaman (In my dreams)

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4 years ago#129
SSB: Ness

SSBM (In Order): Dr Mario, Jigglypuff, DK

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4 years ago#130
SSB: I've only played this one a few times/ not really a fan. o.o;
SSBM:Young Link , J.Puff, & Roy
SSBB: Ike, Marth, Pit, Metaknight, Lucas,ToonLink, & Snake
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