Who is your Smash Bros Main?

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Omega_Black posted...
Never really had a "main" per se. More like a 2-4 characters I used the most.

On 64, it was a tie between Kirby and Fox.
Melee, it was a tie between Sheik and Dr. Mario.
Brawl, I primarily use Sonic but also heavily used Snake, Game & Watch and Olimar.

I think if a main as someone you'd turn to when you enter a tourney or want to get serious. Of course, I still used every character, but that's not saying I could take anyone into a tournament and so well.

Another thing that gets me, is that the best combos I've seen have been done by King Dedede. Not someone I'd expect.
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SSB: Yoshi, Luigi, Link
SSBM: Yoshi, Luigi, Young Link
SSBB: Yoshi, Luigi, Link
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SSB - Mario
SSBM - Young Link
SSBB - Toon Link/Link, would like to be good wiht Pit tho
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samus/roy in ssbm
samus/naked samus/martha in ssbtrip
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Ness, swinging for the fences.
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YoyokuKO posted...
samus/roy in ssbm
samus/naked samus/martha in ssbtrip

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From: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N | #001
I used different characters in each game.

In Smash 64, it was all about Pikachu.
When moving to Melee I used Kirby, going as far as training myself with him on it to attend a pre-launch Brawl tourney that I made it to the finals with.
Lastly, in Brawl, I mained Fox and Lucas.

I also am fond of DK, Ganondorf, and Marth but I'm not near as good with these characters. Peach is my main for screwing with people, as Arale is on DBZ and Faust is on GGXX.

i had a feeling that you were a cool guy but now it must be true bc only the cool kids use Arale and Marth

64= Falcon and Link
Melee= Sheik, Luigi and then Marth
Brawl= Marth, Sheik and Toon Link
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SSB: Fox
SSBM: Didn't have this game but I always picked Fox again when I played at a buddys house.
SSBB: Mainly Solid Snake for cereals. But I love messing on Ganon, Link, Falco and DK.

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SSB64: Kirby
SSBM: Mewtwo
SSBB: Gannondorf
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SSB: Luigi, Jigglypuff
SSBM: Jigglypuff
SSBB: Olimar
Project M: Jigglypuff, Charizard