update coming to fix online?

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Ok, so are we able to talk to people while playing Black Op's 2? I plan to get it tomorrow but, if there is no in game chat I wont.

You can. All you need is a pair of headphones. Plug it into your Gamepad, and the built in mic acts as your headset.
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Awesome, thanks for the info. By any chance you know what I would need to get my Turtle Beach's to work? The plug for them is to small for the gamepad. I would assume there is some kind of adapter but, I have no idea what to tell them I need.
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Eventually the complaints will be dealt with.

PS3 was pretty awful when it came out now it has all the features considered standard.
PS+ has paid it's self for me. So from here on out I will refer to any new games as free.
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if it truly becomes comparable. And nintendo supports it with first party games (aka the newest "new super mario bros," mario kart, smash bros, mario party, F-zero etc etc etc then I will definitely pick up a Wii U. I will just hold out to see if nintendo really does produce first party games that have xboxlive/psn quality online services.

here's hoping
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I don't think Nintendo will add universal voice chat when developers can add it themselves to their own games. Similar to their attitude on achievements.