Here's why the Wii U's CPU is more powerful than PS3's CPU

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I have to clear this up since no one else had. The CPUs are 64-Bit. GPUs are 256 bit. The dreamcast used a 32 bit CPU and 128 bit GPU.

You're absolutely right about CPU's being 64-bit (does anyone even make 128-bit CPUs?), but modern GPUs are not necessarily 256-bit. I believe they have 4-channel vector units comprised of four 32-bit FP ALUs. So, I guess you could say they're 128-bit vector processors. I think some newer GPUs have even eliminated vector units in favor of scalar 32-bit ALUs, but I'm not up to date on recent GPU tech.

Yup, I believe you are right about GPUs not having robust vector-math units anymore. This is due to those being built into modern CPUs these days. Which brings me back to the Wii U CPU, it's a VERY old CPU architecture, old tech, and not optimized for modern games programming (it's essentially missing the vector-math unit, along with having a negligible SIMD instructions set, it also doesn't help that the clockspeed is the max the CPU is capable of, so it's not comparable to something like a i7 where idle it's 1.8Ghz but that doubles when some cores are not being used).
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Sorry, my bad. My information was based on older sources. And I meant to say PCB. Dunno know for the life of me why I said die.
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