XBOX 720 to be 6 times more powerful then the Wii-U

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It's like a troll circle-jerk in here. Amirite?
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Bufkus posted...
This pretty much is the nail in the 720's coffin. If it's truly that much more powerful, it'll likely cost significantly more as well.

Anyone who's been following Microsoft news knows that the company is not doing well financially at all, and if they wanna go completely bankrupt they can try sell the system at a significant ($500+) loss.

Otherwise, it looks like the analyst news that said the 720 would cost $500 at launch will likely prove true, and pretty much nobody will buy the system except a few hardcore gamers.

People are paying 350 for a system thats near the same specs of a 7 year old console, so extra 150 for 6x the power should be no issue. look at it this way,500 for a 8 yeAr lifespan or 350 for 5 year, which is a better value
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You kids have nothing better to do, yes?
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DrkVrtx posted...
You kids have nothing better to do, yes?

I agree.

Just buy all 3 of the next gen consoles. U, 720, and PS4. If you are poor, wait until all 3 come out and just buy 1.
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I'm sorry, TC... remind me what "AAA" means, again? **snicker**

b1gt0ne posted...
lol brosurance. you're the one posting in this forum to make feel better about your precious xbox brand and your sad meaningless life.

So you not only interpret intent thorugh typed text, but can analyze the lives of complete strangers without ever having met them?

Amazing! That kid of yours might wind up being a superhero! Or... not. =/
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Meaningless rubbish. Market's going to crash anyway so it's not like it matters how much stronger it is. Besides, is that kind of power even necessary? After the kind of damage we saw this generation I would like to think people are smarter than this, but I'm seeing that this isn't the case.
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Can someone please make a sticky called "We know about the 720 and ps4's specs. do not make more threads about it"

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Nintendo has always been about content (games), not the most powerful system.

they were about both in the N64 era
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"bio feedback grip technology"

What the heck does that even mean?
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From: emagdnE | #028
Nintendo has always been about content (games), not the most powerful system.

they were about both in the N64 era

And all they ended up getting was no 3rd party support, very few good games, and one of the worst controllers in history.