Im 24 and still play Nintendo. Do I need help?

#61LinkSamus3Posted 12/7/2012 10:05:57 AM
Simply put, no you don't. I'm older than you, I still play the games, and I've never even owned a single Sony or Microsoft system. Aside from a couple of Sega systems and some PC games, it's all been Nintendo for me.
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#62OrangeSchweesePosted 12/7/2012 11:12:00 AM
I'm 137, posting from the future and I play New Super Mario Bros. 28 all the time. So, no, TC, you are fine.
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exile2000 posted...

I dont see how im trolling on this board, its an honest question.

So if i still played with toys at the age of 24, people would call me strange. Yet i can play Nintendo games and its okay!

(I'll assume it's not trolling)

Many many MANY adults play with action figurines (or collect them), remote control vehicles, trains and Legos. Don't see the big deal, as long as they don't act obnoxious about it (like... a little kid).

By the way, some people consider video games toys. It doesn't matter if it's God of War or Mario, toys are toys. And by your definition, toys = kids, right? Might as well drop gaming altogether because of the opinion of strangers.
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exile2000 posted...

I dont see how im trolling on this board, its an honest question.

So if i still played with toys at the age of 24, people would call me strange. Yet i can play Nintendo games and its okay!

I play with toys and collect pokemon/yugioh cards. My fiance watches anime, we play mario, mainly nintendo, but also other games. alot are for a younger audience. We watch cartoons like spongebob, but we still watch stuff like brickleberry. When couldnt care what anyone thinks because we do what makes us happy. Go ahead and stop playing nintendo, no one really cares that you want to be cool and call nintendo kiddy.
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well i would consider toys and nintendo a classic example of false equivalency. Sometimes women think guys are obsessed with their man-toys like fancy cars etc instead of concentrating on what really matters, liking paying down a mortgage or saving retirements or college funds.Its all perspective realyl and as long as you dont feel like your gaming habits cuts into other important aspects of life like seeing friends in person and pursuing goals and dreams, then I'd say you're more than fine.

Its all how you define the issue. If you see nintendo as a childish toy company, then you will likely continue to consider yourself stuck in childish ways. However, if you see them an interactive entertainment that usually caters to a wide variety of age-groups and interests, then you are not immature.Things are not as clear-cut for video games because there's a wide variety of games and audiences for them, just like novels or movies.

I wasn't referring to you as a troll BTW, I was referring to the few who criticized you for playing games while they were surfing GAMEfaqs.
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Don't be silly, TC. Pull up your pants, and do what you enjoy! It's your life.

squatch22 posted...
I'm 29...

Oh NO... you are!? =(

I feel like I've been making fun of a limp, and just found out it's a prosthetic limb. I apologize.

exile2000 posted...
I dont see how im trolling on this board, its an honest question.

Oh, don't worry about that. That word has been so watered down and spread thin, more than half the board misuses it on a daily basis. You never have to go far for a case in point, either. Watch...

csalvi42 posted...
Id also like to add for the few trolls that have said no youre a loser etc.

Calling him a loser isn't trolling.

See? They get mad when you call them predictable, and predictable when they get mad. How can you not love this place? ;)
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Age is a number, notoriously synonymous with, and ignorantly informed by, our maturity level.

When in fact, the only thing that makes us mature, or immature, is how we decide to perceive things in our lives, not how others perceive us.

So I say, eff the world and do whatever makes you happy (so long as it's legal).
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I'm 31 with friends even older, one of my best friends is 35, and we have a great time getting together playing Nintendo games.

That aside, sounds like you got other problems you pry need help for.
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"Hi am Nintendo, for over 30 years I have been doing this... Its hard to do your job when everyone seems to hate you for doing it...

It must be nice exiting the console war"
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