I'm not worried about the Wii U graphics.

#21cruxPosted 12/7/2012 1:32:36 PM
I with Shammy. I won't lie and say that good graphics don't impress me from time to time, but I have never bought a game because of graphics. It's impressive when a game has great graphics, but I spend plenty of time playing retro-fashioned indie titles or plain old retro titles from yore. Gameplay always wins. I really can't understand this obsession with graphics.

I actually think I have more Wii games than I have PS3 or 360 games (not combined, but individually). Part of that is because PS3 and 360 shared a lot of multiplatform titles, of course, but it's also because Wii had a greater diversity of games, even if they weren't blockbuster titles. Muramasa, Sin & Punishment 2, Punch-Out, MadWorld, Rhythm Heaven, Monster Hunter Tri, Dead Space Extraction, Xenoblade Chronicles, and then there's the plethora of first-person games (Mario, Animal Crossing, Kirby, Donkey Kong Country, etc.), rail shooters (Ghost Recon, House of the Dead, all those wonderfully cheesy video light gun games), and niche titles (Let's Tap, Dawn of Discovery). That's not to say PS3 and 360 don't have a good library - I could create a list for them too - but they also alienated me to a large degree because of their heavy focus on FPS and war games, which I rarely enjoy.

To me, the idea that Wii U is doomed to follow in the footsteps of Wii is an odd remark. The Wii was successful in almost every capacity in my eyes, even if it was a "last generation" console in terms of power. It had a niche that 360 and PS3 did not. The Wii U has far more potential, as the new controller has all sorts of potential to be used in mainstream titles, and the controller can be used for multiplatform titles as well (look at Arkham Asylum). This controller isn't nearly as gimmicky as the Wii remote is (which suffered most of all because it wasn't ready for release, as Wii Motion Plus later proved). The tablet controller has the potential to be used subtly, for more efficient menu navigation and inventory management or easier access to info and maps; or it can be used immersively as ZombiU has already proved it can be; or it can be used for party games to let a hotseat player keep secret information. There's a huge amount of potential for the controller, and the biggest criticism is that Wii U is "doomed" to follow in the footsteps of Wii? I wonder what success looks like then.