Nintendo block 18+ rated content from being viewed/bought at certain times

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lol rather than making Nintendo accept responsibility for this boneheaded decision the fanboys are blaming Germany? This board is ridiculous.
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mcsmellington posted...
It's not just buying content that's restricted on the Wii U, it's watching trailers too, such as the ZombiU trailer. Why would that be affected if it were down to Gerrman law?

That actually would be affected by German law (in Germany). ZombiU is 18-rated, and trailers are free, so can theoretically be accessed by "anyone". The ZombiU trailer wouldn't be available in the PlayStation Store in Germany either.

Some aspects of German law really do put in place limitations. However, claims that German law require those limitations to extend over all of Europe, claims that this kind of content limitation is unavoidable due to German law, and claims that German law requires this time window, are all incorrect.
#63AwesomeOSaucePosted 12/7/2012 10:54:48 AM
Holy s*** videos are blocked too!

I just tried watching the last Nintendo Direct on the eshop and can't because its rated 18+ because of the Ninja Gaiden 3 trailer.

Then I went and tried to watch the Ninja Gaiden 3 trailer on its own and it still blocked it!!!

So basically adults that need to go to work the next day need to stay up from 11 pm to 3 am in order to do what they should be allowed to do with the eshop >_>

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I feel bad for Europe.
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I live in Germany, and my country is certainly more important to me then some corporation from the other end of the world, but this IS clearly a reaction to our law.

I bet most people desperately trying to blame this on Nintendo are Americans who have no idea about the realities of living in Europe and just want to abuse this situation to reassure themselves of the stereotypes they have about Nintendo.

Is what Nintendo is doing here the best possible solution? I don't know, i'm not a lawyer, and i'm pretty sure none of the people blaming Nintendo are german lawyers.

But it's better solution then making the prepaid cards 18+ like Sony does, and it's better then completely keeping the contend away from all of Europe.
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Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
lol rather than making Nintendo accept responsibility for this boneheaded decision the fanboys are blaming Germany? This board is ridiculous.

Well it is Germany. Also if there are laws for each country Nintendo does have to you know, follow the laws too.
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Eoin posted...
Nyyark posted...
Why did apple get so screwed with their EU iTunes pricing then?

That was an antitrust investigation. Those are on a case-by-case basis and are intended to regulate anti-competitive behaviours. That kind of situation wouldn't apply to Nintendo's pricing unless it was doing something like selling its own games for noticeably less than third-party games against the will of those third parties, for example.

Edit: also, that wasn't Apple getting "screwed". That was the EU ensuring antitrust regulations weren't being breached. Apple got exactly what they should have gotten.

Thanks. They certainly did get screwed rather than a slap on the wrist that didn't change anything like what happened to Microsoft. Not arguing that the screwing wasn't deserved.
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Right, because kids and teens are never up past 11pm.

This is so stupid. Why can't it restrict age-related material to... oh, I don't know... your AGE?! Doesn't the Wii U have your age on the account or something? If not, then it should. For this exact reason.

And if this is true, what is the point of having separate accounts and parental controls in the first place? If you make an account for your 11-year-old son, and put the parental controls "don't allow M-rated games" on, then why would this even be necessary? It's completely redundant, unless I'm misunderstanding how the accounts/parental controls works. Sure, kids can lie about their age, but how is this going to solve that problem? It's a lot easier to stay up past 11pm than it is to change your age on the account. All this does is inconvenience people over 18. It does nothing to prevent kids from getting M-rated games. This is like trying to stop burglaries by locking the door and then opening the window.

Do they really think some kid is going to see that block message and go "Aw, I can't download this game. Better go play something E-rated!" No. They're just going to say "Oh well, better wait until mom and dad are asleep and then download it."

To be fair, I doubt Nintendo actually thinks this is going to help anything. This is probably more about appeasing the "little kids have access to violent games and it's all the game companies' fault!" crowd.

This was a bonehead move. Sure, they might pacify the Jack Thompson-esque crowd, but it's going to tick off their over-18 customers, which is a MUCH larger group. And now if they do remove it due to over-18 people complaining (yeah right) it will draw attention from the aforementioned crowd. "Nintendo's removing a restriction? Nintendo wants to give our kids GTA!!" They'll get more negative press from removing it than they would if they'd never had it in the first place. So it's pretty stupid for PR too.
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No law for this. Otherwise it would apply to other machines... It doesn't, never has and isn't going to.
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From: Hejiru206 | Posted: 12/7/2012 2:41:41 PM | #068
This was a bonehead move. Sure, they might pacify the Jack Thompson-esque crowd

I'm sure except for a select few gamers that keep up on international video game news, the majority of Europe has no idea who Jack Thompson is.
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