Nintendo block 18+ rated content from being viewed/bought at certain times

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AdamLazaruso posted...
I've seen fanboys make a lot of excuses for Nintendo on this board, but "it's because of German law" has to take the cake.

I bet the only people saying that are Americans, too.

PedroMontana posted...
I live in Germany, and my country is certainly more important to me then some corporation from the other end of the world, but this IS clearly a reaction to our law.

I bet most people desperately trying to blame this on Nintendo are Americans who have no idea about the realities of living in Europe and just want to abuse this situation to reassure themselves of the stereotypes they have about Nintendo.

Oh Europeans, silly silly. Americans really don't care enough about your situation to judge one way or another.
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It is a really dumb implementation of what their doing though. Parental controls could stop this without costing sales during a majority of the day.
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This was a bonehead move. Sure, they might pacify the Jack Thompson-esque crowd

I'm sure except for a select few gamers that keep up on international video game news, the majority of Europe has no idea who Jack Thompson is.

I meant people are all "video games are evil and the game companies want to secretly brainwash our kids into shooting up schools!" They don't have to know who Jack Thompson is.
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mcsmellington posted...
It's not just buying content that's restricted on the Wii U, it's watching trailers too, such as the ZombiU trailer. Why would that be affected if it were down to Gerrman law?

Well, it's a bit complicated when it comes to advertisement:

1. A trailer for a game that is rated 18+ is likely rated 18+ itself, as it's likely to show the contend that earned the game the 18+ rating in the first place. Ninja Gaiden 3RE is 18+ because of the violence, splatter and gore, and of course all of this is visble in the trailer.

2. I do not know how this is handled with regular 18+ contend, but we have 2 ratings above that, "indiziert" and "beschlagnahmt".
If something is "indiziert", ANY advertisement is forbidden, even putting the game openly on store shelves. Even mentioning the names of these games in a positive context in a publication can be risky (That's why many geman gaming magazines came up with names like Quark, Duck Nuckel, Dumm or Silvereye for Quake, Doom, Goldeneye etc.).
This also usually effectively works as a ban, as it usually prevents the game from being released in Germany.

"Beschlagnahmt" ("Confiscated") is an actual ban that allows the police to confiscate the product and makes it punishable to sell even to adults.

Note that according to the wording of the German law, nothing of this is censorship, as censorship is forbidden, too.
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Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
lol rather than making Nintendo accept responsibility for this boneheaded decision the fanboys are blaming Germany? This board is ridiculous.

Yeah, how dare Nintendo follow the law?
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I can't believe Hitler wasn't mentioned yet.
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Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
lol rather than making Nintendo accept responsibility for this boneheaded decision the fanboys are blaming Germany? This board is ridiculous.

Yeah, how dare Nintendo follow the law?

See this is exactly what I'm talking about. Germany's nonsensical law does not apply to all of Europe, which is why PS3 and 360 do not have this problem.

Stop protecting Nintendo, this stupid decision was their choice.
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Wow, this is just dumb.

I can't believe the game companies aren't fighting this. Restricting the time to buy their games to 4 hours in the middle of the night can really cost them a good chunk of sales.

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I think this goes for America as well? I have a 16 year old friend who tried to access M-rated games via eShop. He got a Popup saying that he isn't allowed to see the content.
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Eoin posted...
The J0ker posted...
Germany has some nasty censorship laws/policies, remember for example that the German version of RE4 was heavily censored.

I don't see why they need to impose this crap on the rest of us, though.

They don't. They don't even need to impose that in Germany. This isn't a result of Germany's laws.

If it wasn't clear, by "they" I meant NoE rather than Germany.