Smosh plays ZombiU.

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User Info: Sentinox

4 years ago#11
It is a sorta review of the Wii U.

I watched it and it was Wii U related.

If you don't care why post in this topic and just act stupid?
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User Info: Ichiko_368

4 years ago#12
nintendo3000 posted...
So? Who cares?
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#13
Sentinox posted...
Smosh is a comedy duo group that has a gaming channel as well.

Their regular smosh channel is the 3rd most subscribed and at one time 1st. They have over 6 million subscribers.

Their gaming channel has been out 2 months and has nearly 1 million subscribers.

So yeah. They have a wikipedia page on them

Smosh is a comedy duo group who sold out and made a crap gaming channel so they could make more money.
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User Info: Sneakers

4 years ago#14
From: Ichiko_368 | #012
nintendo3000 posted...
So? Who cares?

Obviously all the ones asking who they were. :)
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