Nintendo ignoring the Spike's VGAs shows how out of touch they are with gamers

#71ShinChuckPosted 12/7/2012 11:48:54 PM
If the slide in ratings that the VGA awards have been dealing with the past few years continues, they're scoring about half a million viewers. To put it into perspective: shows like WWE Raw, which have been in a ratings slide for years, still manage 3.5 or so million on a *bad* night.

The Spike VGAs have never been particularly relevant. I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson, I am for real!
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king_madden posted...
darkqueenhelba posted...
They sure are, TC.

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PhaseBlack posted...
Why didnt Nintendo do anything for Spike's VGA 10?

Because no one else in the industry did either.
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They ignore it because its Spike TV.

Not really much more to say here than that
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HAA! People take the VGA seriously? No seriously...? That thing is nothing but trash mob opinion.
#76oxnerdPosted 12/8/2012 12:03:14 AM
who the f*** watches that lol
#77EternalWolfPosted 12/8/2012 12:05:01 AM
The show itself is a joke but TC is right. The VGAs have now become a stage to show off and announce games, similar to E3 and really second only to E3 now since the amount of attention, warranted or not, that it gets. TGS and GC seem to come and go, everyone still talks about E3 and VGA though.

Nintendo didnt show anything because they had nothing to show, its that simple. This is not me bashing them or anything, but do you really think that if the new Legend of Zelda or exclusive Final Fantasy VII: The Jenova Project was capable of being shown that they would pass on it, just weeks after launch and before Christmas?

If they could have, they would have, but they couldnt.
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lol Spike VGAs are terrible.
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To all of those saying: "gamers don't give a crap about the VGAs", a good chunk of people on GameFaqs do as evident by the topics that sprung up. Yeah sure the show itself and the awards are crap, but the announcements and reveals were nice and should concern gamers (ahem Dark Souls 2 and MGS). To be honest the VGAs are just another opportunity, like E3 or whatever, for Nintendo to market and build hype for their products. The fact that they ignore stuff like this is a blunder on their side.
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I wonder how many people like me interpreted the title as meaning Nintendo ignoring the VGAs was further proof of how out of touch and useless the VGAs were. Was quite confused when it turned out the other way.

Award shows in general are utter garbage, and its 5 years too late for anything on TV to be taken seriously with regards to video games. Gamers have already learned not to trust trash like metacritic, never mind some fluffy award show on Spike.

Nintendo doesn't need to go out of its way to find a receptive audience to announce things to, that's like 90% of the value of the company. They already have a massive fanbase and everyone knows what they are about.