Fail Europe.

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This is counter to the general way of things. Europe is the place where you can wander into a place underage and have little problem getting served a drink or buying an 18+ film or game. The US is where you need to have ID on you and get checked from the age of 14-24.
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Hurray for the sweeping generalization of 2 entire countries.
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TKUKG posted...
Hurray for the sweeping generalization of 2 entire countries.

This. There's plenty of do-goodies in my country, plenty of rebellious people as well. There's gigantic amount of Americans who say the early years of college is all about drinking alcohol, having sex, experimenting with drugs, etc. Same with the UK. I don't see how anyone could even get the idea that one of them might be more or less involved with their parents. Hell, it's basically the same in the rest of Europe. People here do start going out at nighter sooner than Americans though... generally. Here it's pretty normal to start at age 14-16 regularly (though some as young as 12 or younger even).
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what do you expect when half the families over there are single mums and have kids from multiple fathers......

The United States and Great Britain in a nutshell.

Thank goodness that other countries like Japan aren't like that too much. Heck, even China has put a lid on couples having more than one child.