Why is Nintendo being so dumb?!?!?!??!?!?!

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3 years ago#11
I'm expecting one in holiday 2013.
I'm always astounded by people that are complaining about Nintendo titles. We got a Mario game at launch which hasn't happened since the Nintendo 64 (not counting the Mario 64 DS port) and yet people are complaining "well it isn't THAT Mario title!"
Give it time. It'll come.
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Thank you.
3 years ago#12
It's called giving third party developers a chance.
3 years ago#13
bskiffington posted...
There will be a Mario Kart for Wii U, don't worry.

Mario Kart 7 isn't even a year old, and if it is, it isn't by much. Im sure if they announced one at launch someone would complain about rehashing like they did with the NSMB games. There will be a Mario Kart Wii U, but to imply that they're dumb for not launching with it is silly, especially considering Sonic All Star Racing pretty much fills the same niche.

Actually, there won't be a Mario Kart U but there will be Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U.
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3 years ago#14
The Wii was released in Nov '06
Mario Kart Wii was released April '08
The Wii U was released 3 weeks ago and you're getting all upset over no Mario Kart being out or announced.
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3 years ago#15
Megagunstarman posted...

Wake up Nintendo.

Wake up TC, new mario kart is scheduled for christmas 2013.
3 years ago#16
Megagunstarman posted...
GoombaX posted...
they havent decided not to make mario kart u. its just a matter of time

Why haven't they announced it then?

N64, GC, DS, 3DS and Wii all had a version of Mario Kart. By scientific analyses, with a P<0.05 value mixed with a little common sense, I've seen a correlation and determined that a Wiiu version of MK will be made at some point.

It'll happen.
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3 years ago#17
If you want a Mario Kart game so badly, just get Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. It's vastly superior than what Mario Kart has been lately anyway.
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