Motion gaming as we knew it?

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User Info: Shinra-Army

4 years ago#1
Now that the WiiU doesn't focus on it, is motion gaming as we knew it with the Wii dead?
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User Info: Stealthlys

4 years ago#2
No. For some reason the PC has razor hydra. Also Sony, and M$ will still milk the kinect+move

User Info: thundercat2600

4 years ago#3
I hope so. Motion controls the way Wii used them were just a stupid gimmick 95% of the time.

I'm glad motion controls will still be around for the 5% of the time they can actually make a game better, but they won't be THE central gimmick used to sell systems this time.

User Info: Metalsonic66

4 years ago#4
Motion controls when done well can be really good for first-person and third-person shooters. Killzone 3 was the closest a console game has come to mouse+keyboard accuracy.
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