Why the F*** does Nintendoland tell me to TAKE A BREAK after I game for a bit???

#111x_lotoPosted 12/8/2012 9:32:00 PM
Man am I glad I stopped liking Nintendo after Gamecube.

FYI 360 DOES NOT have break messages. Never has.

And @ the guys pointing the finger of immaturity.... what, adults don't swear? Swearing makes you a child? Adults never get angry or yell or rant? Thats what being mature is all about? Something tells me you are either young or absolutely clueless adults. The sign of maturity you all are looking for is the fact of not giving a s*** about what others think or how others do things if it doesn't affect you. <- real maturity.

Real maturity is realizing we have a first-world problem here, and giving the appropriate response: A sigh, and a press of the A button to go on. Adults have been known to rant and swear, but there's absolutely no reason to rant and swear at this.
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The loading scenes between acts in MGS4 has messages saying to take breaks every once in awhile.
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Of course 360 doesn't. It doesn't even warn you it might catch fire and kill everyone in your house.
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Then everyone defends Nintendo as not being kiddy >_>

I have finally seen the truth now...
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dart246 posted...
With a response like that....are you sure you're an adult?

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HellsingOrg posted...
Then everyone defends Nintendo as not being kiddy >_>

I have finally seen the truth now...

I guess you are new to gaming, because this has been around for generations. I have a stack of 16-bit games (mostly RPGs) telling me to rest/take a break after saving. Some games even have a message pop-up after a specific time playing the game.

As long as it pops-up during loading, saving, menus, ect., how is that a problem? Nintendoland doesn't pause the game you are playing to tell you to take a break, it waits for you to finish and then has a message appear in the following menu.

I've played games that actually pause the game to tell you to take a break and require you to read the message (a 20 year old game). It literally takes the control away from you for ten seconds every half an hour. <_<
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Because you're playing a casual little kiddie shovelware party crap game.
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Like I said before, Nintendo is trying to stop Liu Kang from dying after a marathon session of gaming. Kotaku posts a new Asian gaming death story every two days.
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AXKSION posted...
Because you're playing a casual little kiddie shovelware party crap game.

Watch out GameFAQs...this boy plays CoD, Halo, BF3 and Madden...he's "hard".
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