Why the F*** does Nintendoland tell me to TAKE A BREAK after I game for a bit???

#51KisaiPosted 12/8/2012 4:54:25 PM
I'm not sure why you're overreacting THIS strongly to one simple message. You can easily ignore it. And don't you remember Wii Sports doing this same thing 6 years ago? I don't understand your surprise and extreme rage.
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not the first time.

there was an MMO(I thinkit was Guild Wars or something) that if you played it for more then 4 hours, there was a message that said "please take a break."

also the first Mother game has it that if you play too long and save too much,your dad gets pissed at the player.
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They've had this message ever since the NES. Fans like to do dumb stuff. So you are a liability and this message is to protect them from human stupidity. Just like when ppl rage over the virtual boy or the 3DS over this message when this message has been around way before them. Take a break so that you won't hurt yourself and blame it on them.
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As a Japanese gaming company, Nintendo felt the need to tell users to take a break as a precautionary measure to keep their fellow Asians from killing themselves. Seriously, I'm tired of reading about Asian people dying after marathon gaming sessions. And getting divorces over games. And murdering people over games. Seriously.
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SilentS89 posted...
LaMafiacci posted...
So... let me get this straight: complete apathy towards your neighbor, except when what he does affects you, is the greatest sign of maturity? I'm sorry, but that sounds like the highest form of self-centeredness to me. If you think your neighbor is doing something harmful to himself, how little do you have to value him to say, "It's his life, let him botch it up if he wishes to"?

Its the American way. Individualism bro.

Some of us Americans actually care about family and neighbors and people other than ourselves. Thanks for keeping up that ignorant American stereotype.
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It's just a safety thing. They are covering their asses so no silly gamer will try to sue them for playing games non stop for 16 hours and then fall asleep doing something and getting hurt. Then try blaming it on playing games for 16 hours straight.

They suggest that you take a break and you take things into our own hands after that. Just be glad they don't make the system cut off after a specified amount of play time.
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#57PHOENIXZEROPosted 12/8/2012 5:04:57 PM
Nintendo thinks you're still 10 years old just as they have since the 80s.
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Wow...press the A button. Problem solved. Isn't that easier than a childish rant on a message board?

And the 360 used to tell you to do the same thing, just not with words. They just gave you a red ring of death to make you quit playing.
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HellsingOrg posted...

I'm a motherf***ing grown ass man and if I want to play Videogames for 10 hours its my prerogative.

Seriously Sony and Microsoft don't pull this s*** on their customers.
Imagine if Final Fantasy VII or Halo had like take a break warning that came up every 15 minutes!


I'm on an adult account and I want to be able play games and not get treated like a kid!!!
Hell even as a kid Super Mario Bros 3 or Link to the Past never told me to take a break.

Yep, you are clearly an adult.
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SmoshCuch posted...
Sailor Goon posted...
Uh the xbox always gives break messages

It's kind of condescending, regardless of what system it's on.

Put it under parental controls. If a parent wants their child to be reminded to take a break now and then, fine. If an adult wants to be treated like an adult who is capable of being responsible for themselves, that should be fine too.

Leaving most adults to be "responsible for themselves" is a mistake unto itself.
Edit for clarification:
Given what most of them tend to do. That's how we got Jackass as a show, I'm sure.

Also, to the topic maker, get over it. It's something to glance at during a loading screen while you mash buttons, like everyone who plays games does, in secret hopes that it'll make the loading screen go faster anyways. o: