Why the F*** does Nintendoland tell me to TAKE A BREAK after I game for a bit???

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4 years ago#81
^^BUT you move around with kinect, and get exhausted, you dont do that with a controller.
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This is why Chrome isnt as good as people says.
4 years ago#82
^^Atleast i dont have those warnings... thank god.
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This is why Chrome isnt as good as people says.
4 years ago#83
Its a sad day to see people defend this insane troll logic nintendo is using, sad, sad, sad.
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This is why Chrome isnt as good as people says.
4 years ago#84
SuperVegito2487 posted...
Vara_sama posted...
HellsingOrg posted...

I'm a motherf***ing grown ass man and if I want to play Videogames for 10 hours its my prerogative.

Seriously Sony and Microsoft don't pull this s*** on their customers.
Imagine if Final Fantasy VII or Halo had like take a break warning that came up every 15 minutes!


I'm on an adult account and I want to be able play games and not get treated like a kid!!!
Hell even as a kid Super Mario Bros 3 or Link to the Past never told me to take a break.

I don't have Nintendo Land, but If that message appears just like it did on Wii Sports, I really don't understand why you're complaining. Unless those messages appear mid-game, interrupting the game all of a sudden while you're in the middle of a good game and makes you lose, it shouldn't affect you at all.

ive seen a screenshot, and it looked very well like what happen with guide button and home button on 360 and ps3, and not all games pause when that happens, in racing games for instance that can make you lose, when you where so close to win, after trying 10 times, and sometimes if a certain part of a game is annoying me enough i HAVE to complete it before stopping otherwise i wont be able to take that "rest" its all about.

Name a game where those messages pop up right in the middle of the game. Not on saving points, not on loading screens, not on checkpoints, but exactly in the middle of the game interrupting your actions and possibly making you lose.

The only invasive messages are the ones warning you about low batteries, but even those don't interrupt the game in the middle of it, they pop up when you pause, retry or just at the beginning of the game (Tetris Party, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Skyward Sword)

Unless is that bad, those messages aren't annoying at all. Plus, is not like you're forced to do it...
4 years ago#85
SuperVegito2487 posted...
LaMafiacci posted...

The sign of maturity you all are looking for is the fact of not giving a s*** about what others think or how others do things if it doesn't affect you. <- real maturity.

So... let me get this straight: complete apathy towards your neighbor, except when what he does affects you, is the greatest sign of maturity? I'm sorry, but that sounds like the highest form of self-centeredness to me. If you think your neighbor is doing something harmful to himself, how little do you have to value him to say, "It's his life, let him botch it up if he wishes to"?

let me get THIS straight, because your example is odd, you claim playing videogames is like cutting yourself, and/or taking, or using harmfull, and illegal drugs, like pot, cocaine and such...

it should more be compared to smokers, and such and even smoking isnt the same.

Intefering with someones life like this is like saying

OMFG OMFG thats.... thats coffee, OMFG OMFG you have bread too, dear lord you have water supply dont you know that can kill you?

And if anyone did that to me i would throw them out, then out again and down the stairs, because EVERYTHING kills if used too much, so srsly?

Just a heads up, I'm having a hard time reading your post, so I may not have understood everything you said.

I never used video games as an example for anything. I mentioned your neighbor doing something you perceived as harmful to himself. Though, your interpretation on what I was saying does offer up something interesting.

Chances are, if you confront someone over their lifestyle, they are not going to listen to you with open ears. In their mind, their actions are already justified. To them, whatever you say to them will sound about as silly as the examples you used.

Obviously I may be wrong about what they are doing, and their behavior is actually not as bad as I imagined, but should I abstain from looking out for my neighbors just because I may look like a fool to them?
4 years ago#86
From: HellsingOrg | Posted: 12/8/2012 3:49:08 PM
I'm a motherf***ing grown ass man


It's not that you're wrong. It's just that I imagine some Harley ridin', musk ox lookin' dude with thirteen Vietnam Veteran patches on his leather jacket saying this, and it just makes me chuckle.
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4 years ago#87
Because the Wii and Wii U seem overly geared toward being "family friendly". As far as I'm aware, it's common for games to put a little "Be sure to take a break" warning when starting a game up, but having it pop up as a constant, timed reminder would be a little asinine.
4 years ago#88
lgi posted...

The biggest Wii U fanatic in the world right here!!
4 years ago#89
bottledancer posted...
Lolololol grown men don't play videogames for 10 hours straight

challenge accepted
4 years ago#90
After reading your post I have to say Nintendoland is right, take a break you childish freak.
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