Why the F*** does Nintendoland tell me to TAKE A BREAK after I game for a bit???

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SuperVegito2487 posted...
Hope your right but the claim was it "ruined the industry" ALA piracy, because no money is earned from used game sales.

you really believe that jargon? publishers make way to big a deal out of used games. if anything a used game can turn into sales due to word of mouth
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Sailor Goon posted...
Uh the xbox always gives break messages

I never saw it, and I once played Tales of Vesperia for like 10 hours straight.
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HellsingOrg posted...

I'm a motherf***ing grown ass man and if I want to play Videogames for 10 hours its my prerogative.

Seriously Sony and Microsoft don't pull this s*** on their customers.
Imagine if Final Fantasy VII or Halo had like take a break warning that came up every 15 minutes!


I'm on an adult account and I want to be able play games and not get treated like a kid!!!
Hell even as a kid Super Mario Bros 3 or Link to the Past never told me to take a break.

Are you sure? You're slinging profanities like some little kid who thinks it's cool.
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Take a break, not for u but to let the system cool down... duh
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Jx1010 posted...
Take a break, not for u but to let the system cool down... duh

Nah, sounds like he needs a break to go back to the leapfrog learnpad thing lol, he sounds like he's young enough to be using one still.
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Its the same reason they put epilepsy warning at the beginning of games. People will sue for any little thing, like the lady who sued Mcdonalds because she spilled coffee on herself. They are covering themselves from frivolous lawsuits.
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nonexistinghero posted...
Yeah, it's pretty annoying for Super Mario 3D Land as well. Probably the most annoying thing, because the f***ing message pops up after each and every single level once you hit 30 minutes.

Yeah, I found this annoying as well. I don't think it should be programmed into games. It should be in the parental settings of the 3DS.
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Sailor Goon posted...
Uh the xbox always gives break messages

Mine has never done it. Only time I remember the break thing is either before the game (the loading screen things before main menu) or when I installed MG4 on my PS3 back in the day, the loading screen had a warning. I've never had a console pop up DURING a game as I can remember.
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