Nintendo confirms German law to blame for Europe-wide Wii U eShop 18+ content re

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PedroMontana posted...

I don't know what Microsoft does about this, i could imagine they just block all 18 rated contend in Germany, or somehow get around the law by being located in London (UK) and not in Germany.

I think Germany has it's own storefront + ip blocks on the other stores.
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How come this law doesn't effect sony and MS?

Their HQ's in Europe are not based in Germany.

uhm.. german laws apply to the german psn and xbox live marketplace anyways?
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Pigfarts posted...
Helmsly2008 posted...
Pigfarts posted...
How come this law doesn't effect sony and MS?

Their HQ's in Europe are not based in Germany.

Aren't Sony and nintendo japan, and MS america?

they have different HQ's for each regions, Nintendo's European HQ is located in Germany. But their American HQ is in Seattle. I'm not sure where MS and Sony European HQ's are located but I'll assume its the UK.
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Well, so much for GTA V ever coming to the Wii U along with multiple other 18+ Games

Stupidest thing you've ever said. They had 18+ games at launch already.
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Icecreamdunwich posted...
From: Xeeh_Bitz | #015
no worries if your house burns down.. your game collection is not lost
Just gotta buy a new system but you still have your collection

Sadly this is not the case with Nintendo systems.

Also, I wonder how every other online store got around this time based mature restriction in Germany... how weird!

Who is dumb enough to buy a new system when your current one breaks? It's free (within warranty) to send it back to Nintendo for a replacement and to retain all your content.
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Bubumon81 posted...
From the bottom to the stars eh Germany?
Yesterday killing millions of people and today is "we need to protect our children from violence" stuff.

That statement is ignorant and racist. Germany wears its shame publicly, which is why they ban images, iconography and items associated with the Nazi era. It is understandable that as a country that has such a dark past, why they would be so vigilant in their efforts to secure a brighter future. History will never erase those sins, but forgiveness can and will.

If Germany wishes to avoid exposing their children to what they believe to be negative influences, then so be it. Especially because there was a time (The Hitler Youth) where German children were freely exposed to disturbing images and ideologies. So yes, considering their history, it makes sense why Germany is so sensitive to such matters. Also, as an admitted Italian, you should show far more grace. Your country was an ally to Nazi Germany. Mussolini was as wicked as Hitler. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. What makes your country so morally righteous that you can spew vile words about another country's efforts to move forward from their misdeeds?
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People really don't get it?

Ok Nintendo having their servers in Germany is like have the eShop being a brick and mortar store in Germany that the whole of EU can visit at anytime.

The eShop is public German domain so they have to follow the law

games rated 18 by Germany falls under that law

I see people saying they should just try and bypass the law. You mean try and do something you know is against the law is an even bigger crime right?

I also see people asking why PSN and XBL aren't affected. Their servers aren't in Germany so they don't have to follow German law.

Now could Nintendo find another way? Sure.
Would 9pm-5an be much better? Sure
Would this even stop under aged kids from even staying up and getting access anyway? Nope
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So you can still buy them just at certain times.
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Those regulations are for television programs, not video game downloads.

It's starting to seem that this is in fact the case - that Nintendo have interpreted themselves as a broadcaster (which is a dubious viewpoint), and then applied one possible (not required) solution.

I wonder if they're trying to setup some kind of legal posturing that eventually LEADS to video games being regarded as broadcasts. I figure every game company would rather sell a subscription service than physical media, why not get the ball rolling now?
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I knew this and people still told me I was an idiot for blaming Germany for this. Shows how much they really know.