Wii U is now the last surviving console. MS and Sony are finished.

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Omni? You mean Orbis, yeah?
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Only computers were able to do this before... Steam Big Picture offers nothing new to PC users. All you needed were the right cords, and without them, Steam Big Picture isn't going to get your computer to display on your television. Gabe Newel is the king of trolls.
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I think tc's right. Aside from multiplats, sony has a stale forming uncharted and lbp and ms has a new take on halo and whats left of gow. I was expecting the third party devs would go nintendo th is time around just to keep their development budgets down, but, now, it almost makes sense to leave them to leave the console scene all together if this tv stuff gets adopted and works well.

Prolly wont be for a while, but it looks like a definite possibilty.
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kinglink13 posted...
If Valve is releasing a console it will compete with all the big 3.

Considering Sega doens't make consoles anymore, I don't think anyone can compete with the big three, considering one of them isn't competing themselves.
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DerekRoss posted...
Why isn't wii u ever considered next gen, not even by Gabe?

He never mentioned Nintendo, he simply mentioned what exactly he's competing with. He's NOT competing with the next-gen offerings from Nintendo because that's silly.
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i think that both nintendo and sony will be ok, they have a lot of great first party exclusive games, especially nintendo, i see ms going out of the console market, not only this steambox will be hurting ms, what ms has to overcome is how are they going to lie and convince gamers that this ti e when they launch the new machine it will work and not break after a few days
thet have already sold faulty consoles knowing they were faulty from the start, gamers wont forget
ms is done i think
#27ElectricMolePosted 12/10/2012 10:46:49 AM
Valves console is the end of the Xbox at least.
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Megagunstarman posted...
Sony will still have exclusives.

But the multiplat machine M$ will put out is doomed.

It'll now be called The Halo and Gears of Brown Machine.
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They should just make a console for Europe called the Fifa box. It only plays one game that comes pre-installed, Fifa. Every year the number in the title, Fifa ##, goes up by one and you have to buy an annual digital code to keep playing it. You can also purchase DLC to give a select few players mustaches, and new DLC is added every 3 months to include more mustache variations. What do you think?
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#30zender1999Posted 12/10/2012 10:54:57 AM
or ea could come out as well with a console and the only place were you will be able to play there games will be the ea fifa box, going agaisnt activision call of duty box were you cann play all activision games including diablo starcraft and warcraft...
and then ubi will start to think about something....