So who owns more than just nintendo consoles?

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I own a Vita does that count?

why yes it does
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i own ps3 wii and beast gaming pc

thats all ya need

360 and wii u are trash consoles

blasphemy, the 360 and Wii U are not trash consoles.

agreed, the 360's push for indie devs have given us some great games. also halo rulz
also there is no such thing as a trash nintendo console

virtual boy?

wasnt trash just made people sick.

No way would I put my VB in the trash. I set it atop my entertainment center to show off!
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I own multiple consoles and PCs.

PS2 (JP)
Dreamcast (JP)
GameCube (Can't read games)
Wii (JP)
PSP (Two of them)

Gave away the other stuff. Will get an Ouya and Wii U next year.
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TurboGrafx CD
Sega Genesis
Game Gear
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CaioNV posted...
Proud PS3 and PS Vita owner.
And the Super Nintendo is better than the Mega Drive.

but but blast processing?!?!?!

I've got a 360 and ps3 hooked up. At heart I'm a nintendo guy but all 3 are great gaming systems.

Actually the Mega Drive speed was indeed faster than SNES with mega drive being 7.6 mhz and SNES 3.6 mhz, SNES was indeed superior to the mega drive in every other way eccept for that one thing. That is how the whole term "blast processing" was invented by Sega to exploid that.
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Hmm. Most of the fanboys have not posted in this topic..
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Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
Hmm. Most of the fanboys have not posted in this topic..

and what fanboys would you be referring to?
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I have a PS2 and PS3. I don't have a Wii-U yet, though.
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I own pretty much all major consoles and handhelds from 3rd gen and onwards besides, Master System, SNES, Saturn, 3DS and a Wii U.
Whilst I still love many of Nintendo's older games, they have grown boring to me the past generation (starting with the Wii).
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Can I put my disk in your disk tray?
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