So I'll be buying the system at the end of this month

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zerokandery posted...

I love survival horror but game being First person makes it hard for me to get used to it, maybe because I didn't play dead space

Play Dead Space before you get into any Wii U games.
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zerokandery posted...
What games will be there (Both Retail and Digital) that you guys suggest for me?

I'll already be getting Nintendo land since it's bundled

And I don't really play Mario, so leave it out of the suggestions ^^

warriors is good
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I bought the delux version of the Wii U and got Nintendo Land and also purchased NSMBU. Both of those games are great.

My next game on my list is Scribblenauts.

Keep an eye out for Beyonetta 2 as well coming out next year.
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Thanks everyone ^_^
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