No reason to buy wii if u are not nintendo fanboy..

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I don't get it: If those PS3/360 fanboys think that the Wii U is a week/poor console, why are the wasting all their time which they could have spend on their own consoles, putting the Wii U down.

They're only here to produce inflammatory posts and drink delicious tears.

Trolls die without sustenance. You see, this is all they have.

Even poor troll topics get over 100 posts on this board. I don't understand why people even respond to these anyways and not put them on ignore instead of regularly arguing.
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worse multi plaform games
worse online service..
worse number of games selection
/compare to ps3/360

why the hell you gonna get wii u unleast you want to play mario in HD. save the princecss again.
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Please stop reviving your trash topic.
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Honestly yeah, as a die-hard Nintendo fan, one of the only reasons I'm buying a Wii U is strictly to play Nintendo games in HD. There are a few 3rd party titles such as The Wonderful 101 that I really want, but other than that, I'm eagerly awaiting to see Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros., etc in HD and to be able to have a good console to play local multiplayer games with more than anything.
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I have a Wii U, I won it from a contest. I'm seriously thinking of trading it in for a PS3, look at those exclusives coming out next year and when the Wii U gets a better collection of games and the price drops I'll pick one of them up. Even tho the console was free I can't really justify keeping it. I redbox'd Mario and other than that, there really isn't nothing else on the system that's something I must have.
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That's why they are bringing Bayonetta 2. They want the non-Nintendo fanboys buy this console.
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Cool story, bro.

Like a BOSS
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Yeah, Nintendo is so close to going bankrupt. I mean just look at their utterly bleak financial situation.

Their financial situation is is very bleak. Why else do you think they had to release such a weak "next gen" console. They cut corners everywhere that they could. Smaller battery in the controller, small amount of memory, no ethernet port, weak CPU, cheap parts, no bluray. It is really the Waluigi of gaming consoles.

Because a system's power totally determines how fun the games are!!!

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pearl arowana posted...
its a conclusion deduced from nintendo fanboy themselves..

ps3 and 360 are beating the crap out of wii u in most multi platform games now.. what are their excuse??

wii u power have not fully utilised now....

so what the point of getting wii u now if u not nintendo fanboy to mario?? multi plaform games are gonna better on ps3/360 anyway.. and ps360 is wayyyyyyy cheaper to game now already have tonnes of AAA to choose from..

maybe after 2 or 3 year developer will get use to wii u architecture and start pumping games that slightly better than ps3 and 360..

i am sorry.. wii u future sure look bleak.. people VS'ing it with ps360 and losing is a really bad sign

TC is losing sleep over the WiiU.
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What about third party games that won't be available elsewhere? Monster Hunter, Bayonetta, for instance.
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