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Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Hitting Wii U and 3DSTheZuperHero21/26 1:05PM
What is your most favorite console this gen?
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Why aren't Gameboy games on the Wii U VC?
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knightoffire55151/26 1:00PM
What's so super about super mario 3d world?ponylord71/26 12:53PM
When new system comes should they.....LowellsBoxers81/26 12:49PM
What if they pulled a Bayo 2 + 1 for Fatal Frame/Project Zero in the west?nonexistinghero31/26 12:45PM
What's so great about Mario Sunshine?xnn388261/26 12:39PM
Nintendo's Response to Kid's Super Mario Bros. 4 PitchMuryo11/26 12:30PM
Super Mario Strikers...
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edigital23111/26 12:21PM
Anyone know a definite date on the Club Nintendo closeout?Christopher Belmont61/26 12:21PM
Mewtwo Amiibo?Painted_Fish71/26 12:18PM
Nintendo could easily fix the scalper problemGarfield6471/26 12:11PM
Can someone tell me why...Exo40161/26 12:11PM
I just bought a Wii U two days ago
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cocozimme161/26 12:11PM
Wii U owners, what game(s) are you buying in February 2015?
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BaronVladz201/26 12:04PM
Which do you prefer; Nintendo's 2D or 3D games?
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Pushmo/Pullblox does not get enough creditSolomonBenDavid41/26 11:54AM
BLIZZARD! What games.....
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edigital23251/26 11:49AM
Do you like Metroid, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, and Portal?RahzarX41/26 11:46AM
Am I the only one who likes Smash Bros?
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EndOfDiscOne191/26 11:44AM