It's never safe to bet against Nintendo. (Also launch game argument)

#11nonexistingheroPosted 12/13/2012 12:35:24 AM
Call of Duty 2 <-- Generally seen as great, personally think it's garbage. Though Wii U has CoD: BO2.
Condemned: Criminal Origins <-- Generally seen as great. Suppose it's comparable to ZombiU in terms of appeal and gameplay a bit.
GUN <-- From what I remember, it received godo reviews.
Kameo: Elements of Power <-- Alright platformer with gorgeous graphics. Still looks great today.
Perfect Dark Zero <-- Received fairly good reviews. Users seemed to hate it, I personally love the game.
Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie <-- Received great reviews. Lacking in replay value though.
Project Gotham Racing 3 <-- Superb arcade racing game.
Quake 4 <-- Received kinda bad reviews for the performance issues and being a typical run & gun shooter. Great for what it is though.

The others or garbage or I haven't played them and can't judge, but it's far from bad. It's generally seen as one of the better launch line-ups. PS3's and Wii's launches were pretty garbage though.
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In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.