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What are you hoping for Platinum and Gold Rewards?XDark_KalasX93/31 8:11PM
Will Club Nintendo Elite Rewards go up at midnight?
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Nintenfan1456123/31 8:11PM
Do you normally eat or drink while playing video games?
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BreadButter173/31 8:06PM
doc louis punch out OR fzero X
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SSReviewers203/31 8:05PM
remember when frostbite engine dev trolled wii u fans on april 1st 2014sasoribeast43/31 7:59PM
People complaining about Zelda's delay, would you rather have a...
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RobJ24243/31 7:56PM
Rumor - Zelda Wii U coming October 2015 with Zelda NES remakehellbringher63/31 7:49PM
What do you think was your best deal ever? Also small gift within.HellsController93/31 7:43PM
legit question here
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GuyFawkes5143/31 7:37PM
who do you blame for Nintendo's poor sales? (Poll)
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DemonicChaosXX643/31 7:35PM
In this upcoming Direct do you think...17chris93/31 7:33PM
A reminder that Wind Waker could have had two more dungeons worth of content.
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Duncanwii123/31 7:30PM
Has a Nintendo Direct ever actually been leaked before?crossing animal83/31 7:27PM
ask not what nintendo can do for youShuriko83/31 7:23PM
Favorite final boss in a Wii U game?mutehero743/31 7:11PM
Monthly Wii U appreciation topicKomaiko5463/31 7:09PM
Club Nintendo Surveys Won't Work!?NinjaNomad19673/31 6:59PM
Should I sell my PlayStation 4 and purchase a Wii U?
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Spade21X323/31 6:58PM
Zelda U being delayed isnt the big story, the bad part is that it won't be at E3
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slymshady723/31 6:49PM
Club Nintendo is a disaster...
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DominicanJ927113/31 6:48PM