So Nintendo will improve to 3-2

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Microsoft will fall to 0-2

Sony will fall to 2-1

I believe this next gen will be extremely pivotal.

If the Wii U wins Nintendo will post a very impressive 4-2 record.Sony will fall to a respectable .500 and Microsoft will fall that much further behind

If Orbis wins, Sony will improve to an outstanding 3-1 with Nintendo falling back to .500 and Microsoft that much deeper in the basement.

If 720 wins ,this is where things get interesting.Even though Microsoft will post a lackluster 1-2 record,both Sony and Nintendo will fall to .500 .That would put Microsoft in position to be only 1 gen away from both Sony and Nintendo to fall below .500 while Microsoft rises to .500.
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How about you add sony's handhelds in your little whatever you call it??
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wobbuffet10 posted...

He's a sony pony, don't expect logic.
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handhelds are a different league
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When topics like this are made, everyone loses.
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And what decides a win?

US Sales? EU Sales? Japan Sales? World Sales?
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SlimeSwayze posted...
When topics like this are made, everyone loses.

than Q
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What's the standard deviation of these binomial distributions? We need a larger sample size. N=30 is usually advised. Get back to us in about a century.
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Actually at the rate things are going, 360 will be the #1 console for the United States for 7th Generation.

It's only 1 million behind.

Which will probably be easily obtained this year

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