Have retro games gone up in price in the past year...

#1nilesthebravePosted 12/13/2012 6:27:36 PM
and is Wii U the cause of it?

Last year I decided at the last second not to buy a complete in the box Earthbound for 250 thinking that I'd get it down the road. I go to look now and it's selling for 500-700 for complete in the box. Similarily, a lot of other NES and SNES games have gone through the roof. While making my fairly extensive collection worth that much more, i'm wondering if I'm going to have to hang up my retro game hunts until I'm done with college.

Is this because the Wii U just came out or is this just a temporary increase because of Christmas? Or is retro gaming becoming more popular in general?
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#2Baha05Posted 12/13/2012 6:29:38 PM
No system is the cause of Older games going up in price, it's the fact that it's getting harder to find certain games. Collectors are buying them up and the price rises the less games are on the market.
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