For a day, you run Nintendo!

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CBrate posted...
License a series of Cooking Mama movies directed by Michael Bay.

Careful, he might rename it Alien Mama. It'll change the whole premise of the story.

I would greatly expand the scope of the Virtual Console library to include: full games from more current systems (Wii/3DS/DS/GBA/GC/etc), PAL only games (Pandora's Tower, Terranigma), & English localizations for Japan only games (Mother 3, FF II/III/V).

Then I would have the new 3DS Zelda remake be Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons, plus the third game they cancelled because the GBC password system would be too complicated to tie them all together. "Linked" games would be handled by importing save data. Let's face it, Link to the Past and Majora's Mask remakes are gonna happen anyway so I might as well do something else while I'm in charge.
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come to this site and get everyone who hates nintendo banned.
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I donate all IPs to Sony
Sell all 1st & 2nd party studios that are worth anything to Sony for a symbolic sum of 20$.
Suck up all the money and put them on my bank account
then I'm out

Unexpected eh?
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1. I would start work on a Earthbound collection on the Wii U for North America and Europe.

a. Call the original Mother Earthbound 0. They already have an official translation so I would just use that

b. Contact the makers of the English patch of Mother 3 and request their permission to just use their translation to make the process faster

2. Contact Retro and have them work on Eternal Darkness 2 for the Wii U. If the IP is co-owned by Nintendo and Silicon Knights then I would purchase it first and then send it to Retro
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P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
In this hypothetical you have one work day to make things happen in NoJ.

You are allowed to:
Fire employees (You cannot fire Iwata, Miyamoto or Reggie)
Purchase IPs
Purchase Subsidiaries
Develop one game
Sell IPs
Sell Subsidiaries
Create a Nintendo Direct

You may only do productive things, no destroying property or slandering competition.

Choose two things here and tell us what you would command Nintendo to do!

2) Sell the Seattle Mariners. They've barely been breaking even over the past few years, and if we sell them for $450 million (only $1 million over what Forbes values them at), we can cover the cost of developing several games, the 3DS's successor, or those losses we took in 2011.

But then i couldnt tell people i care about baseball!
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make a new earthbound game not for handhelds
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Buy Capcom, they've had their chance to redeem themselves and have failed on one too many times to treat their IPs that have brought them up to where they are today right.

Then MML3 would return.
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I'd buy the Banjo Kazooie games off Microsoft and put them on the 3DS and Wii U as VC games.
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Shut. Down. Everything.
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Fire sakurai and ensure that the new smash brothers has a competent game designer who isnt going to further bastardize the gameplay.