Tell me why it's even worth owning this console?

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Oh, THIS topic again.

Exactly. And it will be posted time and time again until delusional fanboys accept the fact that Nintendo flopped again with this thing.

-again-? when did Nintendo ever flor aside from the lolVirtualBoy? Nintendo has been printing money since the DS was released, then with the Wii, and Now with the 3DS.
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Why should these ppl tell you if it's worth owning this console. Make up your own mind, it's your money ffs.
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It's gonna get Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. If they turn out good, that could be something. If Pikmin 3 is as good as 1 and 2, that would be another reason. Rumors of a possible Kamiya Star Fox game would be pretty exciting.

All this is in the future, and who knows how they'll turn out.

I'm not interested in the system, until it has at least 10 games I want. I had a total of 3 games for Wii(not counting VC). I hated that machine.
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Buretsu posted...
Oh, THIS topic again.

Exactly. And it will be posted time and time again until delusional fanboys accept the fact that Nintendo flopped again with this thing.

And you have to accept the fact that you are just a little delusional kid who only plays fps and all the crappy top 10 games like RE6 (by far the worst RE game ever). A so called "fashion gamer" with no personal taste. Pathetic, just go away.
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Seems many of the major third parties have decided not to port their games to the console.

Titles such as

BioShock Infinite
Borderlands 2
Dead Space 3
Resident Evil 6
Lego: Lord of the Rings
Metro: Last Light

are not being ported to the WiiU, and from what I understand Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3 might not be ported either.

So what's the point of even buying this thing? For one, maybe two Zelda and Mario games that Nintendo likes to release each console generation? Hell, we haven't even seen a decent Metroid game in years. It seems like Nintendo is all about gimmicks anymore.

you answered your own question, for the 2 mario and zelda games they release.
who the hell cares if we don't get ports of crappy games that you already own on another system. the whole point of buying a system should ALWAYS be for first party games and not 3rd party multi-platform games. you say you don't have a reason y to own the console, then don't buy it. no one here cares whether or not you own a WiiU
so either you buy the console and play the games it has to offer or your don't buy the console and keep playing your 360/ps3. You may notice neither of those options include the "post another whiny topic on gamefaqs option."
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It's not worth it to you, but it's worth it to others.

There, close down the topic.
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As stated before, the only real reason to own one at this moment in time is the promise of monster hunter 3u in march.

Later on other stuff will come out sure, but right now, mon hun.
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I really don't know why I would care if you bought it or not. Or why you would care to tell others that you don't think it's worth buying. There are 1000's of things every day that every person decides they're not going to buy, but they don't go on about every one.
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Until the system gets some decent RPGs I have absolutely no interest. Nothing in the line up looks like anything I want to play.

I'll stick to my 3DS. If things change down the road I'll consider it. I find the system a colossal waste of money right now, but that may change in time.

Well, I hope it does.
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Speaking as a multicultural owner I have no idea why any of those games that the TC listed would be important at all for the wii u. I would buy all those games mostly for Xbox anyways because Xbox live is infinitely superior to the wii u online system. The Wii u is meant for you more unique and exclusive games and everyone already has an Xbox or a PS3 for everything else.
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