I just read that Nintendo sells Wii U consoles at a loss

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bskiffington posted...
Heres my say on the DVD/blue ray thing.

Why would you want to wear out the drive in your 350-400 dollar gaming machine playing DVDs/blurays anyways when you can pick up a player for 20 dollars?

Of course, it doesn't excuse the fact that the WiiU cant, but just that its kinda silly to use that as a detriment to a gaming console. You shouldnt be wearing out your drives like that anyways.

I really don't see drives being worn out at an incredible rate because you watch a few movies a week.
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Nintendo is forecasting $1B in losses this year
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i'm enjoying the sources in this topic

enjoying them
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And in the real world as opposed to the troll fantasy world, they're actually forecasting a 6 billion (~$71 million) net profit, which is good considering that they just released new hardware. (Comparatively, MS lost $1.3 billion in the fiscal year they released 360 and Sony lost ~$2 billion in the release year of PS3.)

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it's funny how the people who thrive on negativity believe the topic without question.
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