Went to more stores today

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User Info: necro00

4 years ago#1
All had the Wii U in stock. yes I drove around, No I dont have a job

User Info: LUlGI

4 years ago#2
How are you paying for all that gas?

User Info: samuspwns3

4 years ago#3
And the point of doing all this is?

User Info: HeaderHog

4 years ago#4
Really? I checked every grocery store within 10 miles, all stocke up. People must not be hungry.
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User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#5
I can't wait to see this topic on xmas so we can call him on his BS. This lethargic neckbeard doesn't leave the house.
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User Info: johnbrown91

4 years ago#6
Same here. Very in stock.
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User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#7
How pathetic.
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User Info: steerepike

4 years ago#8
I requested a sticky. That way he can update us on his travels without feeling the need to make the same unsuccessful topic over and over again.
It hurted me...

User Info: BakaIdiot

4 years ago#9
lol joke topic.

User Info: SirShandy

4 years ago#10
Was using anecdotal evidence of store shelves to judge the status of a system's popularity always something that happened with new consoles? How long are we going to be watching store shelves for? Who cares?

I like how a system selling out must be an artificial shortage, while systems in stock must mean nobody is buying it. Please keep us posted.
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