REALLY let's do FACTS: nintendo, 3rd paries and wii u's bleak future

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pssst......Nintendo Land is better than Wii Sports
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grandabx posted...
5. software chump.

First off...

grandabx posted...
5. ps3 and 360 have 140 million plus combined consoles sold along with 10's of millions of pc gamers shows that the wii u is NOT needed to create profit - Fact

You were NOT talking about software. Try harder. Second of all...

what a nintendo-only gamer will never get:'m not posting that over-rated one that won't even be named)

I played and own all three of those games, and SE is all about ports and remakes these days. Don't say never on those. Besides, each console has its own exclusives. Sony only will never play Zelda or Metroid or Halo or Gears. The same things works against Xbox. So that doesn't help your argument at all.
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grandabx posted...
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I'll call you a f@nboi instead if I can't call you a fanboy. Sound good?

that's up to you if you don't like the truth you should listen to the truth because the truth will set you free.

imagine if i was only into nintendo how much gaming history i would've missed.

Outside of the Genesis, nothing that really matters.


He actually believes this, too.
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grandabx posted...
1. for three generations, nintendo has been severely lacking in 3rd party support - Fact

2. supporters for nintendo have said that nintendo's innovation would shine through the absence of 3rd party support - Fact

3. nintendo hasn't shown SOFTWARE that is revolutionary in over a decade. they've been milking the same three franchises by throwing familiar names in their titles or just plainly xeroxing - Fact

4. software developers want technology that pushes their imaginations to the limits and nintendo continues to give them only what THEY want tech-wise - Fact

5. ps3 and 360 have 140 million plus combined consoles sold along with 10's of millions of pc gamers shows that the wii u is NOT needed to create profit - Fact

6. 3rd party games sell a lot worse on nintendo consoles - Fact

7. most 3rd parties are avoiding the wii u at this current time because of installed base, risk of bad sales and a lack of a real incentive - Fact

after looking at these facts i can only tell you that it LOOKS like the wii u will be even worse than the wii when it comes to software support.

1. wii has a massive installed based.
2. it was cheaper than it's competition.
3. it did something that you couldn't get anywhere else at that time.
4. it had a killer app(wii sports)

these four things are what the wii u are missing to be successful at THIS time.

software is the key and wii u is locked out of the house.

3rd parties know people who really play games don't choose sides. they buy because they enjoy what is given to them. not pretend just to keep allegiance to a company that just wants profit. if i'm not happy i'm not supporting. plain and simple.

You're cool.
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Some of these are borderline inaccuracies, let alone facts.
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Wonder if sony or MS pays trolls like these to post here lol
or are they really that stupid and lack logic?
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A wild troll appeared!
Troll uses false info!
Not effective!
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Shadow15463 posted...
A wild troll appeared!
Troll uses false info!
Not effective!

Ignore is used on the troll!
Its super effective!
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some my collection speaks for itself(no fanboy here):

Nice how they are ''Page doesnt exist'' lol

Work for me, a bunch of PS3 games on the couch for the first pick, some older games, including nintendo in the later ones
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They only work if you add an 'L' to the end of each address.
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