Really not liking ZombiU at all. Worth continuing?

#1Enix BelmontPosted 12/27/2012 1:20:21 AM
I thought it looked like something I wouldn't like to begin with, but I got it for christmas and I don't want to hurt my moms feelings or anything, and I figure it's silly to judge a game before trying it - After all, lots of people are loving it.

I should have listened to my gut, I think, though...about an hour in and it feels incredibly tedious and not even a little fun. The gamepad implementation completely takes me out of the game and feels more like a chore than most motion controls, constantly making me look down then up then down then up....The wii U gamepad also died pretty quickly(just played nintendoland and mario with friends beforehand, but only for like 2 hours or so. It's possible it wasn't on the charging dock entirely correctly or something, though.) and thats when I stopped. The zombies seem stupid and the melee combat seems both incredibly effective and the best choice, and incredibly tedious.

Also the penalty for dying seems to be very small since you just go back to where you died and pick your crap up....Unless you're actually emotionally connected to the personality free characters you're playing as, all it does is make you backtrack a lot. Although I only died once so maybe I'm way off.

And I know a lot of people will say "go back to cod lol" or something, but don't think I hate horror games...I own most of this gen's horror games and I like a lot of the classics as well, and games like amnesia who seem to accomplish what people claim zombiu does without the tedium and better controls.

This is just first impressions, I'm gonna give it much more of a chance..But if I hated the first hour, is it even worth it?

Not trolling WiiU or anything. Mario and Nintendoland, I'm liking more than i ever expected to. And not saying it's objectively **** or anything.
#2jedinatPosted 12/27/2012 1:27:15 AM
In my experience no game is worth it if you don't like the first hour.
#3IcecreamdunwichPosted 12/27/2012 1:29:29 AM
The game is simply overhyped on this board.
#4muffinmasherPosted 12/27/2012 1:30:04 AM
Very legitimate opinion. And hey, if you're not enjoying the game, somehow try and trade it in for something else, there's a lot out there.
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#5DiscostewSMPosted 12/27/2012 1:45:44 AM
It's unfortunate that you don't enjoy it so far. At least you gave it a try to form an opinion. That I can respect. It's not for everyone, and I get the feeling that if you didn't like the first hour of it, chances are your opinion won't change with the next number of hours following.
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#6Enix Belmont(Topic Creator)Posted 12/27/2012 1:46:29 AM
jedinat posted...
In my experience no game is worth it if you don't like the first hour.

I generally agree, but usually I experience that first hour on a 2 dollar rental, or a friends copy, or a demo, because I do research games. And to be fair, there are games I hated the first hour I ended up liking or even loving. Dead Rising is one of my favorite games ever and I started off hating it(although the charm the game has is the primary reason for loving it, which ZombiU just does not have at all yet), and Witcher 2, while I haven't beaten it yet and don't love it, my opinion of the game went up a lot after the first hour and now I think it's pretty good.

Icecreamdunwich posted...
The game is simply overhyped on this board.

Exclusives to a system without many games usually are, but I generally find overhype isn't a HUGE difference and I find them enjoyable.

muffinmasher posted...
Very legitimate opinion. And hey, if you're not enjoying the game, somehow try and trade it in for something else, there's a lot out there.

I always feel terrible about trading in gifts I didn't ask for. My mom bought this game, and the Wii U, for me, without me asking(and I'm 23, so it's not like a common or expected thing), and since I'd get like 20 bucks for it, it just doesn't seem worth it, and it sort of means something to me because of the thought behind it(she didn't blindly buy CoD, she looked at the other games I have and thought I'd like it).
#7Baha05Posted 12/27/2012 1:46:48 AM
Icecreamdunwich posted...
The game is simply overhyped on this board.

Over or under hype doesn't matter one bit in situations like these.
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#8PsienceWinsPosted 12/27/2012 2:09:28 AM
I've never felt it was tedious when playing. It does help once you get some guns and ammo though. The first part of the game it's scares. You get a lot more as you go on. I personally am loving it. I got it at launch with the console, but didn't really start playing it until a few days ago. It took some getting used to. I wasn't overly impressed with it at first either. It felt boring and like there were too many cheap deaths. However, once I started playing smart and methodical I really started to like it. Then again, that sounds like what you aren't enjoying about it. It really doesn't change much. You'll get a radar upgrade that will constantly ping enemies on your gamepad, but that only makes it so you don't have to continually press the button. You'll still be scanning every room you walk into. Having more guns helps a lot though. I have a few pistols, a double barrel shotgun, and a carbine and I barely use my cricket bat any more unless there is only a single zombie. Hell, I've even been killing clusters with grenades.

Here is how the game evolves:

Scan boxes > Hold off Hoard > get some nice guns > get a radar upgrade > get more nice guns > backtrack > get new objective > new zombies introduced > get more nice guns > backtrack > get new objective > get more nice guns > backtrack a lot for the end game

It reminds me a lot of Metroid Prime actually when you had to look for the sigils, only a lot less of them.

Oh, and as far as being "invested in the character," I am. I'm invested because that character is a representation of the player and not someone that the story is trying to build off of. I'm invested in my survival score. I want it to be 7 digits and not just 4.
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#9ElectricMolePosted 12/27/2012 2:15:29 AM
You're in for a treat if you buy Walking Dead compilation on disc instead. Cheaper too if you want a good zombie game.
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#10Based_God1Posted 12/27/2012 2:20:54 AM
I really think most of the people who said it's the best survival horror game ever are just nintendrones hyping it up because they know one of the Wii U's most anticipated launch title was a dud. It's such a tedious borefest. I the melee is so slow and boring, and that made the game boring since you are stuck using that god awful cricket bat for so long. ZombiU is not worth 1 dollar it's so bad. At least NSMBU and Scribblenauts Unlimited are helping cleanse my mind from that awful experience.
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