I got a Wii U for Christmas, know nothing about it

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ElGado hasn't played a Wii U. Probably wouldn't recognize one if he saw it. He plays 360.

and that thundercat kid is just getting worse and worse every time he posts.

Why you so mad?

u post more topics than ppl that actually own the console. U are drowning in ur own envy.
"Just cause someone trolls something doesn't mean they dislike it. I've wanted a Wii U since it was announced." -- lazycomplife
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lol, cheers.

In terms of the eShop, i had a quick look and was just wondering how it works. ZombiU is more expensive than it is in the shop and if i was to buy it do i actually get a copy of the game or does it just download it like the equivalent of the original Wii's VC?

It's the equivalent of VC, you download the game, but the only thing you lose versus a physical copy is the ability to trade it in if you don't like it.

Not true it's not like ps3/360 where it has an account system, the digital copy is tied to the system so you only have it as long as you have that exact system, you can't replace it.