Name one flaw the Wii U has.

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3 years ago#91
The name. Working at Target I hate having to describe the difference between wii and wii u to people who really could care less as long as they get the software for the system they have.
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3 years ago#92
The name.
Mediocre third-party games.
Guaranteed Nintendo titles have been the same for years.
The "cutting edge" technology isn't cutting edge.
It is cheaper than other options, and it shows.
Controller that lasts for 4 hours max.

Just to name a few...
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3 years ago#93
Probably the switching from WiiU to Wii to play Wii and VC games. It's more a minor annoyance than anything, but it's still a thing. I'm waiting on buying most WiiU games since I currently have a backlog of other games I want to beat first, so switching it to Wii mode happens more often than not when I turn it on.
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3 years ago#94
kyomagi posted...
no games
Shoddy ports
under powered

wait, that was more than one

All of those.
3 years ago#95
Can it play GC games?

Sure WiiU has not much promising launch games but the same happened to the PS3, then Demon's Soul came and saved the day for Sony.
3 years ago#96
doesnt look better than the 360 or PS2 and calls itself next-gen
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3 years ago#97
forced online to download updates, I feel bad for any rural area gamer who got this
3 years ago#98
The Joystick looks expensive if it damages or something... Its been a while and nintendo decided to upgrade graphics to PS3/360 standards... NOW????
3 years ago#99
No one cares.
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3 years ago#100
Wii U doesn't respect safe zones.
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