My short take on wii u since opened on christmas

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4 years ago#1
Its good has only minor flaws in my opinion.

1. Slow loading times
2. Operating system going from thing to thing is slow but might be able to be fixed in future
3. Charge on controller does not last long

Now those things are not that bad from what I do see so far I went in with a open mind this system is not even for me as I purchased it for my two kids for christmas and you know what I am glad I did.

I see no real deal breakers here the wii games look a bit blurry but other then those things this system for me at least has not froze once so far (knock on wood) and the graphics are fine for me and the two kids.

So all in all I would give it a 8.5 out of 10 really thats my take.

It would only lose the points for the bad charge in the controller really cause I think they might be able to fix the rest.
4 years ago#2
The good part is that most of those things can be fixed easily.
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4 years ago#3
I think so too just not the charge
4 years ago#4
A third party could make an extended battery pack I think. Isn't the battery removable?
4 years ago#5
Here's my short take on the Wii U since opening it....
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4 years ago#6
Thats a good point maybe if nintendo permits them to make one.
4 years ago#7
What about the horrible online, lack of games, lack of proper support of the controllers, the fact that it's on the level of ps3/360 yet a next gen console?
4 years ago#8
TonyRodrigues76 posted...
I think so too just not the charge

They can, the battery does not take the whole space where is stored in the gamepad, I think for a later bigger one with maybe twice the charge, but twice the heavy...

Some devices with a battery later get a higher capacity unit...


I bet Nintendo and other companies are gonna make a bigger battery that takes the whole space and just sell it...
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4 years ago#9
Your review scares me
4 years ago#10

You could be right.
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