WiiU is dead in UK

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User Info: Hustler Nine

Hustler Nine
4 years ago#1

No WiiU games in the Top 40. There are 3 Vita games in the chart.

Price drop is a must.
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User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#2
Or better advertising...
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User Info: _LordAndSavior

4 years ago#3
I thought there was a price drop in the UK?
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User Info: STE573

4 years ago#4
Definitely need better awareness, I know of no one who got one for xmas... However my mother, auntie and female cousin all got 3DS's... Is it the new Wii?
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User Info: TrueBlue91

4 years ago#5
If they do another 3DS-like price drop, their reputation in the UK is going to be absolutely terrible. They might not have a choice though...
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User Info: stekim40

4 years ago#6
The advertising here was pitiful at best, also the stupid name didnt help as many people think the Wii U is some add on or new controller for the Wii.

A price drop is a no no, I blew 400 on my machine, have played about 4-6 hours on it in total, would be royally pissed if the price dropped so soon.
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User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#7
They need bigger TV advertisement... at the moment the adverts are rubbish and dont get anyone excited for anything

I could do a better job than what they have right now


That was not exactly an "ohhh myyy worrrddd thats amazing" advert

Sounds like its a new Lego toy... Get Samuel L Jackson to do the voiceover!
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User Info: The_Shadow_Link

4 years ago#8
I saw like one Wii U advert in the UK. In comparison I see the Playstation Christmas advert a lot more often.

Needs games. Easily.
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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

4 years ago#9
Everyone i know has one. And each person that plays ours heads out to buy one. So i think you are talking keek!
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User Info: lividd3ad

4 years ago#10
The_Shadow_Link posted...
I saw like one Wii U advert in the UK. In comparison I see the Playstation Christmas advert a lot more often.

Needs games. Easily.

This. I've grown sick of the Wonderbook advert by this point, as it's advertised all the time, from prime-time shows to reruns on digital channels. Wii U, on the other hand, I've only seen once.
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