Why Do Nintendo Fans Blame Nintendo For The Wii U Freezing When They Update It?

#1dbhomiePosted 1/1/2013 8:17:33 PM
Seriously this blaming has gone out of hand. If you think Nintendo are to blame for freezing the Wii U with their updates/patches why did you agree to go online to download them?

Surely it's not hard to click the delete all data option and (I am only giving this off by a margin) erase the update and start the Wii U fresh again?

Maybe the patch and update lets you not change it back... I dunno as I correctly didn't connect the Wii U online for the 1st time and everything runs super fast for me.

I get...

- No freezing

- No Slowdown

- No Wi Menu taking 2 mins

- No system settings taking 1 minuite

and more including full use of Wii data from it's SD card without the transfer update needed.

If I could make the right decision why did all of you decide to go online and then blame a company which quality checked it to begin with... you all knew the update was bad on youtube vids but you ignored and anti trolled it and now look at what became of yours.

Have some sympaphy for one of the most loved companies of all time guys.

That's all...
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