Zombiu is probably the best survival horror game I've played

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hellbringher posted...
If its the best then it's the ONLY one you've played. Nice try.

I wouldn't say that, the recent REs have sucked

RE6 is soooo bad
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Dynheart posted...
It's a good game, but it's a budget title. If people were expect the world out of a budget title from Ubisoft...WOW is all I can say.

They did a respectable job on it with the resources they had (probably not much).

Deadly Premonition was a budget title and it was a really good game. It was released at $20 and I had more fun with it than most $60 released.

I only paid $45 for ZombiU, and it does feel like it should be priced around what I paid for it, but it's still a really fun game.
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Deadly Premonition is getting an upgraded rerelease iirc