What consoles have you purchased at launch?

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4 years ago#121
Wii (as close to launch as possible)
4 years ago#122
I got PSP day one with Metal Gear AC!D..... and that was my first of 3
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4 years ago#123
At launch I've got:
Xbox 360 (It still works to this day... or well, the last time I played it 8 months ago)
Playstation 3
4 years ago#124
1. 3DS
2. Wii
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4 years ago#125
1. Nintendo 3DS
2. Nintendo GameCube (Got this as a gift, but not sure if was at launch or not, but it was definitely before Christmas 2001.)
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4 years ago#126

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4 years ago#127
None and I never will. There's, like, nothing to play at launch. I rather wait for a price drop, a possible remodel of the console, and some good games instead of just one or two.
4 years ago#128
PS2 I think

Not sure, I'm usually smarter than that and wait till there's some games I really want.
4 years ago#129
just the Vita.
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4 years ago#130
PS3 Slim
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