The Top 10 Most Wanted Dream Games for the Wii U - Round 2-3 (Read Post Please)

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Which one of the following games are you dreaming for the most? - Results (51 votes)
New The Legend of Zelda (set between MM and TP)
31.37% (16 votes)
New Star Fox
29.41% (15 votes)
Chrono Break (sequel to Trigger and Cross)
39.22% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Don't be confused by the round being named "2-3" instead of "#2 Round 3", I simply decided to change that. I'm not messing with the space time continuum either since I didn't use a dot like in the first rounds but a hyphen. Consider the first rounds as being part of World 1 (number one's spot), the numbers after the hyphen being levels and the dots which I used in World 1 to be checkpoints in the same level. This is World 2, Level 3; or if you prefer Number 2, Round 3.

I was sad to be the only one posting in the last round. I'm aware that many people don't like my topics and that most of those who do prefer to lurk and never bother to post. The whole Wii U board is in total chaos, what with all these insecure high schoolers flooding it with defamation. I've seen pubescent kids making the same defamatory topics over and over again and I've even seen some making fun of autism. Mature adults are left wondering what the moderators are doing and how we're supposed to filter the board if we can't put more than 50 users, including alternate accounts, on our ignore list.

I can give you advice on how to deal with the cockroaches. Normally you'd want to capture them and put them in a bag but the latter has the capacity to hold only 50 of these insects and it's impossible to get a larger one like in The Legend of Zelda. Instead of putting them all in the bag on sight, consider tagging them for later review. To tag a cockroach, use Z-Targeting (or L-Targeting if you're playing with a GameCube controller) to lock on it and you should see its name while doing so, now select the name by pressing the A button and a menu should pop up. If you look on the right, you should see the tag function, click on it and enter the name you want to give to your newfound cockroach. The name can be anything you want but make sure that you will later be able to recognize it. The next time you see a named cockroach, it means that you already tagged it so you shouldn't bother with it and instead focus on the other critters. Try saving your bag for big and shiny ones only. There's no point in recording the same cockroach again in your Roachdex, gotta tag 'em all only once.

Remember, don't bother running after named cockroaches, just leave them be and focus on the unnamed critters. If one appears, just run away, there's no point in fighting it because you can't kill it. You can't even make it faint, only gym leaders can but it's always temporary as it will always come back later. Only on some very rare and special circumstances will a tagger from the Elite Four remove a cockroach from the metagame but even that is not permanent because it's always possible for one to come back by reincarnating into another cockroach.

I'd like to turn this series of polls into a sanctuary for all cockroach taggers like me, a place to talk in piece about life, the universe and everything, well as long as it's related to the Wii U. I can't guarantee you that some cockroaches won't try to sneak their way here but as cockroach taggers it will be easy for us to deal with them. You may even consider putting them in your bag since those who do come here are most likely to be big and shiny ones. As cockroach taggers, we're nomads and always on the move so we won't be staying here all the time, we'll keep moving and building our sanctuary elsewhere.

Elimination Rule
-10% (30 votes)
-12% (35 votes)
-14% (40 votes)
-17% (45 votes)
-20% (50 votes)

Automatic Win Rule
+70% (30 votes)
+65% (35 votes)
+60% (40 votes)
+55% (45 votes)
+50% (50 votes)
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I'm French speaking.
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Diablo 3 Wii U Edition
Dark Souls 2
Advance Wars (epic like on the level of Starcraft)
*Bioshock Infinite
*Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars 2
Final Fantasy XV
Battlefield 4
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4
Super Mario Bros. 4
Xenogears 2
Metroid Dread
Conduit 3
The Grinder
2013 Assassin's Creed (seems to be a yearly franchise now)
ZombiU 2
Watch Dogs
Star Wars 1313

Dont come for me and my dreams

go away
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Gdboyratedloud posted...
Don't come for me and my dreams, go away

I don't understand what you mean.
I'm French speaking.
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I'm French speaking.
Male, 22, Quebec
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This is beautiful tell me more please.
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k925457 posted...
This is beautiful tell me more please.

Huh, thanks? I don't know what you want to know.
I'm French speaking.
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#8Desrtw0lfPosted 1/4/2013 7:42:12 PM
Hmm, this was a tough decision for me to make. I love Star Fox and Zelda, but if I had to choose between the two I'd choose Zelda over Star Fox. That leaves me with the decision between Zelda and Chrono Break. I played a lot of Trigger on DS, but things fell apart once I got close to the end (at least, I think it was close to the end. Never actually beat the game). It wasn't exactly that I didn't know what to do (I figured I could go into that thing which I believe was called the Black Omen and finish the game there.), it was that I suddenly remembered that the game supposedly had multiple endings, which I had no clue how to get. I'm going to restart the game and use a guide soon, though, so I'll finally be able to finish the game.

All that aside, I loved what I played. I rather liked the time-travel idea, and the music, art direction, and pretty much everything else was great. However, as I haven't beaten it or played it's sequel (or whatever Cross is) I feel I shouldn't vote for it. I could probably get away with voting for it, but since there's the option for a Zelda game, I felt I should probably vote for that. However, it seems that my vote won't make too much of a difference as Break is winning as I post this. Really, I would like all of the games, but I think I want Zelda a little more than the others.

But once I finish Trigger and play Cross, my opinion on the matter may change. If Cross is as good as Trigger I very well may value a sequel to those to over a Zelda title.
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Desrtw0lf posted...
I suddenly remembered that the game supposedly had multiple endings, which I had no clue how to get. I'm going to restart the game and use a guide soon, though, so I'll finally be able to finish the game.

That's a very bad idea because most endings can only be gotten in New Game +. One ending involves beating the final boss before going into the first portal and that's impossible in a plain new game, not because you don't have the stats but because you can't even make the portal to the final boss appear. Just beat the game on a blind run then check a guide for the endings as you play on NG+. All endings you get will be recorded in a gallery.

By the way, Cross is a sequel to Trigger but takes place in 1020 AD, actually twenty years after the main time period of Chrono Trigger. It technically takes place after the events of the original but some of the events in the latter haven't actually taken place yet. Instead of time traveling, Chrono Cross focuses on parallel words. Something important happened at some point and the timeline was split in two, with both following a different result. The game is awesome but some people complained about how it's not a direct sequel and that some things don't make much sense. The DS version of Chrono Trigger has some stuff added that make the connection between it and Chrono Cross more clear.
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I'm French speaking.
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