The Top 10 Most Wanted Dream Games for the Wii U - Round 2-3 (Read Post Please)

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Accrovideogames posted...
That's a very bad idea because most endings can only be gotten in New Game +. One ending involves beating the final boss before going into the first portal and that's impossible in a plain new game, not because you don't have the stats but because you can't even make the portal to the final boss appear. Just beat the game on a blind run then check a guide for the endings as you play on NG+. All endings you get will be recorded in a gallery.

Ah, okay. I couldn't find anything that specifically said that it was impossible to get some of the endings on a first playthrough, so I just assumed it would be possible to get every ending on my first time, if I knew how to do so. I think I still have a file near the end, so maybe I'll experiment with that so I don't have to go through everything all over again. I remember it being a long game, and I'd prefer to just see the end rather than spend a large amount of time covering stuff I've played through already.

And once I finish the game, I'll check out Cross. It sounds quite good.
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